About Us

AT Group of Companies Is SaltĀ  processing and manufacturing company based in the northern Punjab region of Pakistan. We aim to market manufacture a range of refined edible and food grade salts in a variety of options including marinade salt, pink natural salt, iodized salt, low sodium salt, curing salt, and industrial salt. We produce high quality washed Himalayan salt, mined from our own mines located in Kala bagh and warcha. In addition, Himalayan pink salt is a better quality salt as it comes with 84 natural minerals.

AT Group of companies has developed a strong research facility which enables us to validate food grade quality of our products. Moreover, we use 316L stainless steel machinery to produce high quality salt products and we assure our clients that our salt products has purity of 99 percent. We are committed to provide our customers with salt products that are processed in food safety hygiene facility. Additionally, AT Group of Companies ensures that our products are compliant to Halal Standards.